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Acai Store brings to you the super power of the Amazonian Acai berry to the door of your UK home. The berry comes in a delicious frozen fruit pulp that can be eaten on its own, added to smoothies, or used to make tasty deserts. To ensure your product reaches you in the best condition possible, Acai Store uses specialist packaging that keeps your product frozen for delivery.

Acai – the king of the superfruit jungle is this tiny purple palm fruit called acai. A staple food for the local Amazonians, açaí is rich in antioxidants (specifically anthocyanins like those found in red wine) and healthy fats similar to olive oil. This combo makes acai a powerhouse of satisfying nutrition.

Acai juice, extracted from a native palm tree, has been an important traditional food of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region. More recently it has started to be consumed and marketed in Northeast and South Brazil, as a highly nutritious and tasty juice, and is frequently used in health spars, gyms and natural food outlets.


The pulp can be used for the preparation of juices, ice-creams, wines, liqueurs and desserts.

Before serving leave the Authentic Brazilian Acai sorbet out of the freezer for about 5 minutes then scoop into a bowl. Then add cereals, fresh fruit or honey toppings for a great sweet treat.

Or pop in a blender 1 full scoop of Authentic Brazilian Acai sorbet, fresh fruit of your choice (half of banana or 3 strawberries work well) + 200ml of fruit juice of your choice to create a delicious smoothie!


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